Making an Effort

I’ll be recovering for some time, so …um… yeah, I know “waxen” isn’t my color.  I could put makeup on, but it’s napland for me after lunch, and I don’t see the point in painting only to wash off an hour later.

004Anyway.  One of my friends and I made a pact to dress like ourselves and make an effort… which I need to do all the time, so the concept of “hearth as stylist” doesn’t seem too out of bounds to the casual observer.

Also, cool thing from yday – I went to the mall to get a battery for my husband’s watch, and found a denim jacket on sale.  So yay.  Denim jackets are pretty foundational for my wardrobe, and I didn’t have one.

Today’s outfit – which will be a frequent flier – I’m going to make a pile of really exuberant tiered skirts – is a simple long skirt with tank and jacket and scarf.  Easy, comfy, and stylish.

Up close, you can see the accessories.  All in the same color family, not too matchy-matchy, and with a good casual/boho feel.

Clip in my hair, but otherwise worn loose to go with that boho thing.



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