Husband Wardrobe Design

I went the extra mile for DH and designed a wardrobe …. his shirts are getting a bit worn, and he’s looking into needing a blazer at least, and a suit possibly.  Basically, it’s just time to upgrade the look.  (Remember men’s clothing always leans more muted/neutral than women’s clothing – and that “accessory” includes “tie” – and can be a special shirt).  (My husband is a summer – and yes, he looks amazing in pink and purple, pity those aren’t “boy” colors).


These are the shirt fabrics I’ve got in queue for him…

Some problems occur because so many of his best colors, when in linen/cotton tend to look faded (or fade very quickly – I’m looking at you, dark steel blue).  Hard to balance a quality appearance and “fade” – so the the more faded looking fabrics at right (the dark plaid, the teal) will be made into more casually styled shirts – as well as the bright plaid, that just feels casual to me.  I’d like to find a really beautiful oyster or grey shirting, maybe a lightweight linen.  (Wool is a good blazer fabric, but you can forget it otherwise – it suits neither his work nor our weather).

I’m planning to bring out the sharpness in him, the presence, the dominance – make him truly memorable at first look, not just when he opens his mouth.  (He’s got *that* on lock).

Hope you found this interesting!



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