Bronchitis and Reese

I have managed to give myself a right-proper case of bronchitis, and have been rocking various versions of the flannel night gown since Sunday… with more to come, like as not.  Sick enough to have trouble breathing, not recommended for awesomeness.

Sick enough to spend hours watching netflix on the computer.  Movies without brain taxing powers only need apply.

Legally Blonde 2 is a TERRIBLE movie, but the costume design was amazing.

  1. It helped tell the story – that’s part of costume design.  The suit she wears on the first day is truly horrible.  Too bright, too pink, too dated, too… everything.  It’s *terrible*.  And then once the character is established as a clumsy blonde, she starts wearing really lovely clothes – and the colors that are right for her.  Sometimes “up”, sometimes down… right with the story.  Pity it’s so awful.  The clothes do tell the story… and that’s important for this.
  2. I want you to check out these colors, and how they’re bringing out her coloring …

Turquoise and pink – high contrast for a bright pop.  But the turquoise is somewhat muted, which is more professional/less threatening.  Suited Ms. Witherspoon’s coloring perfectly of course.



I only wish I could find a picture of this whole suit for you.  I hope she took this home.  I’m not a huge fan of the pants suit – but this ivory pants suit with a red blouse is a perfect classic look for a Spring.  Powerful but feminine in color combination.  And again – this warm light red and warm ivory are perfect for her coloring.


So perfect that for the few moments I could stomach the Importance of Being Earnest (the movie), I noticed that they’ve put them on Ms. Witherspoon once again…

cecily4-257x300  6020a0ebcb1abd9cb598ece3db142f0f

Here it’s sweetly classic – red and white *is* a lovely classic color combo.  Small prints and lace = femininity; solid colors = classic/authority

(Note also that while Ms. Witherspoon is wearing her hair in different shades of blonde in these movies, both colors suit her – they’re both warm blondes).

For contrast, should you move Ms. Witherspoon away from ivory and put her in stark white… well.  So much for the warmth of her complexion.  (The blue is still good, and she’s beautiful – but you see how much less it suits her).


I thought it would be useful to see how Springs wear their very specific off-tone colors beautifully – but when you stray from the delicacy of the flowergarden, you regret the experiment.


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