Operation Pocket Watch: Complete

The vest has been made for the boy.  I repeat, the vest has been made for the boy.004

Since I didn’t follow any of the directions and changed the pattern around to suit, not much point in referencing it.   It’s one of the Vogue vest patterns, fwiw.

001Boy in vest, with pocket watch.   You thought he’d change clothes to try this on?  Really?  A 15yo boy?  So funny you are.  I’ll have a nice dressy pic on Easter.  Of all of us!

I found steampunk buttons – tiny watchfaces!  So cute.  Joanne’s turns out to have a nice selection of steampunk buttons and “buttons” that are really findings.    He’ll eventually want proper buttons, at which point we can switch them out.

003Vest on hanger.

Commentary:  I need to work on my welt-pockets.  My written instructions are meh.  I found good instruction online, but then read it and winged it from there.  Practiced first.  It went along okay, but not to the perfection I’d like.  That’s okay, it’s always going to have a pocketwatch in it.  😀

Fully lined – he won’t wear a jacket with this, probably, so I went with the fashion fabric on the back as well as the front.  Fabric is a lightweight wool from fabricmart, lined in the same cotton twill that I used for my knee-length skirt.  Wasn’t bothered with the waist tie for similar reasons.  There is hair cloth lining the front, as a sew-in interfacing.  The wool was too fine to consider stitching it on, and it didn’t need the shaping, so I hand-basted the lining to the fabric before assembly.

Came together quite rapidly, even with my amateur fumblings with the pocket, so I am pleased.

Oh, palette note:  Men always wear the slightly more muted/deeper tones in their palettes, because they want their coloring to look a bit more muted rather than delicate/bright.  So, my son who is a Spring is enjoying his light camel vest.  I’ll get him a warm white shirt to wear with it, or maybe a chambray.   This is a great neutral on Spring women, but it’s a rare woman who would want this by her face.  (A vest would be good on her too, it’s far enough away for most.  Not for ME, but for most).



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