Two and a half wardrobes

I made a decision today, I’m going to pursue two wardrobes (and a half).

Wardrobe 1:  Errands, date-night, church-casual, life as usual:  Modern Fairytale

Wardrobe 2:  Professional work, church-formal, funerals/weddings/etc:  Artistic Businessperson

And a half:  Crossfit, yardwork, housework, lingerie, etc.

This is helpful for me, because I need to start curating my wardrobe and making more conscious choices going forward.  First client:  Me.  I need to be someone – whether having fun or on the job – that you think, “dang… that girl has some style!”  After all, if I don’t have it – how can I give it to you?  Marketing.

I’ll have to start working on the Artistic Businessperson things later this summer, in the meantime I’m going to have some fun by amping up the Modern Fairytale vibe.  This is my everyday look, the long tiered skirts, the wild accessories, the folkwear vests and blouses.  It’s very comfortable, very cool, and very Californian.  It will give me a chance to create and play with my own look, stretch some boundaries, try new things, see what works and what’s just blah.  (I already know that volume play has to be approached with great caution as a short plump person).

Some items will cross-over, some will not.  Neither wardrobe is really a *full* wardrobe – I won’t be bothered to have my basic light blouse/dark skirt in Fairytale, for instance.

This gives me some badly needed direction.

I’m making a lot of decisions lately.  It’s a good thing.


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