Shirt and chat

008Finished the bootstrap shirt today… the only change I made was to source the placket piece from David Coffin’s shirtmaking bible and his instructions.  Gee, imagine that… a two-step instruction was improved by making it two pages of illustrations!

It came out lovely and professional.  DH hasn’t tried it on yet (he really hates trying on clothes) so I will find out tomorrow when I get up for the gym if it fits or not!

I seriously ❤ no longer having a button placket.  For real.  I think the lack thereof made for a much more professional finish.  It’s just really hard to keep everything perfectly even.  Also loving using some lining fabric for interfacing – the cuffs and collar feel nice.  Crisp but soft.

If this shirt pattern fits, I’ll be churning out a few in the coming weeks.  Although I might take a break and sew up a vest for my boy first.  Project Easter, lol.

That was the shirt, now for the chat.  Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness… so I’ve been thinking lately that a lot of the things that I think about myself are profoundly untrue.  You know how you tell yourself stories about yourself?  You make up a reality about who you “are” – the things that are good, the things that aren’t so good?  I’m coming into myself after decades of sedating myself … so there will be a process here.

Anyway.  I was looking at some things and dragged my poor innocent husband off to help me analyze.

  1. I’m not lazy – I call myself lazy because I don’t do everything I find to do to the Nth degree, and I lose interest in the Sisyphean task of housekeeping and do things “well-enough” rather than spic’n’span.  No, actually I work so hard that he frequently has to order me to rest, because I work myself sick.
  2. I’m not submissive, I’m independent.  I submit, to him and to God, but it’s intentional… I’m a go-along-get-along kind of gal until I decide I don’t want to go along any more.  And then I don’t, fur flies, and I get all confused, because I never *committed* to follow that person who’s irritated… I just played by the rules as long as I was playing their game.  And now I’m done, peace-out.
  3. I’m intense.  I’m also fairly assertive/aggressive, which has increased since I started lifting.  I’m protective as all get-out when someone I love is harmed.  (Here I thought I was so chill…)
  4. Oh, I can be chill too.  I’m *not* the same all the time!  Sometimes I have a lot of energy and bounce and outward go go go, and sometimes I’m Lady Zen.  It varies.  Staying in balance is important, and nature (or my BFF) is a huge part of that balance.
  5. I’m kind and care about people.
  6. I let my negative emotions show on my face *way* too much – including when I’m not especially engaged with those emotions.

And the big ones – I am way too hard on myself (per husband) and sell myself short.

I wanted to get that down on “paper” before I forgot.  😀  I have a lot of work to do to find the Hearth that’s been parked for all this time… but I’m gonna.

And in the meantime, there will be shirts.  😉


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