Being a little crazy

Having loaded up a pattern for my husband that looks as if it should actually *fit*… I went off the deep end.  I decided to try the shirt out on the least exciting of his shirtings, which is an irregular stripe in various shades of faded denim blue.

I keep reading about all these wonderful detailed ways to make irregular stripes flow across the chest – so I did single-layer cutting for the fronts.  (Finally no button placket – I may throw a party, I hated that pattern piece with a passion).   Matched the pocket to the stripes, natch.  The cuffs and yoke are cut on the cross grain, no way I’m trying to match those, since both have pleats.

Reading David Coffin’s book about shirtmaking – he talks about using regular fabric for sew-in interfacing.  I had an odd scrap of the lining I’ve been using (which is a nice crisp cotton) so I will be trying that this time around.  Just as easy to deal with that as recalcitrant iron-on interfacing, right?

Yawn.  Somehow I ordered/got a silly amount of that fabric – either that or this shirt pattern is really stingy.  I spent a good long while ironing it, and even longer cutting it out.

Ready to sew tomorrow or the next day… my sewing machine is freshly cleaned, new needle, I picked my stitch length, filled up a couple of bobbins… yep, we are good to go.

But not now.  Now it’s time to rest!


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