Bootstrap PDF Patterns

Fiber sent me on a hunt… she found a new pattern company, a company that will send you a downloadable PDF pattern based on your very own measurements.  Saw her in her pants, was pretty impressed.   Noticed that the company in question has *men’s shirts* – and more than one sort, so you can actually get what you want… got all excited.

I was *so* skeptical when I printed this out… especially when I saw that the allegedly 10x10cm square was 11.5×11.5, regardless of whether I “fit to page” or not… surely it wasn’t going to fit properly.  I was going to need to tweak it.  (The seam allowances are ridiculous, btw – I would just do your own – 3/8?  No).

Nope.  It’s perfect – or darn close.  Close enough to make up properly in the least awesome shirting fabric I have stashed for DH and see where we get.  (After I trace it out on Swedish Tracing Paper, because life is too short to sew with printer paper).  I’ll have to do some research about sleeve plackets, I couldn’t figure out the instructions.

Pixels of the muslin:

BTW – I *****love***** the version of the shirt minus the button plackets.  You double fold & edgestitch the edge, so much easier and less likely to go wonky.  Button plackets have caused more tears in my shirtmaking…

And I already have his perfect pocket in the shirt I made for him last year.  Nerd that I am, I designed it around his cell-phone.


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