Know thyself

I love the bit about “post-trend style”.  I would agree with this, there are very few style musts or must nots these days, most of the “don’ts” involve trends just past or silhouettes rather than details.  (For instance, we are currently in a very body-con era – the boxy silhouettes of the 80s and 90s look terribly dated).

What did I just say about oversized looking dated?  Well, anything that looks dated long enough becomes fashionable.  The question is, will it be embraced?  Runway looks don’t always make it to the streets.    I will admit that I am tired of body-con — it has been taken to the extreme.  One woman in a mesh dress with carefully positioned flowers is daring, a dozen of them is boring.

A quote from the following article describes the reasoning behind my support of post-trend style and personal style > fashion’s whims perfectly, because I choose to live my life with beauty.  Fashion (especially high fashion) is often creatively ugly.

Quote: “Perhaps we can still connect with them in the evening, on formal occasions when we are more mannered or when our tone has been softened by a cocktail or two. The beauty is undeniable. The question is whether, as a culture, we can appreciate it.”

The truly stylish woman wears what she is best in, humoring fashion’s whims the way the master humors the excesses of the apprentice.  She incorporates what works for her, what meshes seamlessly with her persona, and she ignores the rest.


2 thoughts on “Know thyself

  1. magistratrium

    I agree about knowing yourself. I love pencils skirts, few prints, and long cardigans so that’s what I tend to wear. I’m at an age where I don’t care to suffer for beauty so I find things that are attractive and comfortable.

    I am glad to see the back of the skinny jean trend. That was one fad I never embraced. I like my jeans bootcut and midrise. 🙂

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    1. hearthie Post author

      I’d like skinny jeans if I were my proper weight, they suit the short and hipless. I eagerly await the return of high-rise jeans… I think I’m out of luck though.



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