Things I think about before bed…

  1.  A long slim skirt, slit up the sides just above the knee, would look well on my daughter.  Denim.  Light weight.
  2. The skirt to the dress that I keep making for daughter has the reverse pleats that I’ve been thinking about for myself.  Tried it on last night, it was cute.  I shall make a trial run, see if it *is* cute.   (With waistband, properly fit to me  – and might move/deepen pleats).

Actually got compliment from my husband on quality of my sewing last night.  Sewed up another dress for daughter (minus zip and hem) yday, and it looks quite professional.  Secret is:  Do the next thing, and always finish your seams properly.

Need to measure husband for bootstrap shirt pattern.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have everyone in my fam have something to wear for Easter that I made them?


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