Second Try: Goodbye

  1. 002 I desperately need skirts, particularly basic skirts.  So – I’m happy to have this in my wardrobe.  I turn to it fairly often, as well as the khaki version, which somehow always leaves me feeling “put together”.
  2. But it’s not doing anything for me on its own, and I’m bummed about that.

Denim skirt – same skirt pattern as the khaki skirt I made last month.  I changed the fabric weight, and I made the skirt 2″ smaller horizontally and raised it 2″ vertically between the waist and hips.

All of that improved the fit quite a lot!
But I still don’t have hips, and this style (with the cool seamlines over the hip area) still isn’t doing anything for me.   Hey, at least you guys can see how much difference a simple topper to move the eye along can make… that’s a win.  🙂004

A resounding “meh” was heard, and if I use this pattern again, it will be for the six-gore version, since I know six-gore skirts are a win.   And I’ll muslin it first, just to check.

In the meantime, off to Target I go.


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