Skirting the issue

001Oy.  I seem to be in pun mode today!  😀

I have had this fabric in my stash for a while, it was meant to be yet-another-day-dress.  Having realized that my need for cute day dresses is < my need for separates, particularly skirts, I decided to sew this up as a tiered skirt.  002

The fabric is from my local discount fabric shop, and it’s a lightweight cotton.   I lined it with the same white cotton shirting (ahem, sheeting) that I used for 11yo’s dress.  Instead of doing a simple lining, I matched the tiers inside, which is why I have quite a lot of volume.  Also contributing to the volume, I chose not to sew down the seam allowances, except at the top tier in the lining.   I didn’t feel that the skirt needed the additional detailing, since it’s a floral eyelet


I made sure to use new elastic this time, and fit it tightly – I also sewed it loosely, so I can take it in if necessary.

As always, I expect to get loads of use out of this skirt.  It’s pretty, too.  Swish!!!!!!

Sorry the pix are dark, not sure what’s up with that this morning.  ?


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