Changes, more changes


webphoto:Crossfit pro, not me

I was stranded at the mall today while waiting for new tires to be put on my car (they were due + I drove over a nail yesterday) so I decided to get some new bras.

Down another two cupsizes.  Who needs a reduction?  Pushups do just fine.  :p  Lots. And Lots.  And Lots.  Of pushups.  Burpees.  Handstand holds.  Bench presses.  I’m down four cupsizes from this time last year.  The good news here is that I no longer need a specialty store and a mint to keep myself in underthings.  And my shoulders don’t hate me 004anymore.

But my figure has CHANGED.  It’s kind of weird, looking at myself in the bright lights of the changing room.  I can see the underlying muscles changing shape to make me look more like the CF pro above -that shape to my thighs, the wider but firmer waist, square shoulders and athletic posture.  No hips.  I didn’t have hips in the first place… now I really don’t.  Unfortunately, I also carry a big belly.  -sigh-  So I can’t default to “clothes for an athletic figure” – I don’t have one.  Yet.



Change in the raw materials means change in the style lines that look best on me.  So I put on one of the new bras and gave a try on to some dresses.  Hey, zipping up is another perk – I couldn’t zip my size last year.   I found a few surprises (there was a tea-length handkerchief skirt that looked pretty cute – guess all those leg exercises pay off).  That’s what you do, when your body changes – you grab a big pile of stuff and give it a *try*.

A change is that the inverted pleat is obviously my friend, and the soft volume skirt rather than the wide volume.  I *did* have an hourglass going with the wide volume skirt, now that line just emphasizes the extra volume down south.  Change.

I bought the dress, just ’cause.  And I’ll use this as an inspiration dress to choose styles to sew.  I have a denim skirt to show you that will illustrate what *isn’t* working.  (Oh well, I need clothes.  It can hang out until I have things that I like more – and then it can bless someone at the DAV).

PS why is everything polyester at the mall?  YUCK.


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