Color blocking

Color blocking is the name of a fashion trend, and it’s something that we all do in our wardrobes, unless we’ve committed to a one-color closet.  If you’re wearing a white blouse with a black pair of pants, you’re color blocking.  Light dress, dark belt?  Color blocking.   Be aware of your color blocking even when you’re not working the trend.


Color blocking, the trend, is a combination of color use and bold lines.    First you have lines and shapes that you can’t get away from (see horizontals above) and then you have the impact of color.    At the time of this writing, color blocking is primarily used with brights – the visual impact is extremely bold.   These pieces are not forgettable!

All of the colors that you wear, as well as the combination of colors, affect your presentation.  When you wear two or more highly saturated colors at the same time, you’re the visual equivalent of an all-caps sentence.   It is essential that your personality and your grooming can keep up the pace.   Even when you’re indulging in a trend, you never want your clothing to take the attention away from you.


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