Accessory Spotlight: Necklace


I haven’t made much jewelry since my kids were born.  One of those things that got shelved (very carefully!) when I had little hands eager to dig around in my boxes of beads.  Just had the blinding realization that those little hands are bigger than mine are these days… and I love beading.

So, we went by the Indian Store on date night (we both love to create – this is actually a really fun thing to do on date night for us) and I combined a strand of green turquoise with some things I had on hand…

Of course these are all my “power colors”.  Natch.  😉  I set this just so, I wanted to have something with a bit of bulk around the collarbone area, but not so much bulk as some of my other pieces.


Why does this get a spotlight?  It balances the rounded edges that look best on me with the random/organic edges that make my bohemian side happy.

Plus I’m showing it off.  😀


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