Playing with Paint

I encourage y’all to take photos of yourself and adjust the necklines/hemlines/details … so sometimes I need to take the advice myself!


recent pic



original pic

I wanted to use the very simple paint program that everyone has on their PC – I did find an online photo editor (free) if you want to get fancier, but this is not meant to make with a wonderful finished product, this is just to see what’s working and not.

Here is the photo I took of myself in the new skirt – I’m not very happy with how the shirt is fitting these days so I started scribbling:

playSo – really.  SCRIBBLE.  I know this looks horrid, but I just wanted to see how it would go…

First I raised the neckline (green box) then I lowered it back down a bit (peach smudge) and put on a collar – I think that looks quite flattering.   I have a shirt pattern that might work.

I shortened the sleeves – got them above the bust/at an angle, which is more slimming/lifting.

I eliminated the belt, too much attention at the waist.  Lifted skirt hem by using colors closeish to the floor/skirt to redraw/widen just a smidge.  Looking at the original, my problem isn’t the hem, it’s the waist.  I need to reconsider the use of anything at the waist, at least without my wide

whiteshirt 2011

old blouse I could remake with short sleeves… yes I think so.

belt/overshirt.    Leaving the line here isn’t working.

Another thing that this picture (and several of the more recent pix) makes clear is that I need to add some much larger jewelry – I am NOT drawing the eye along the way I would like to.  The details I pick are too small/delicate to convey.  That’s okay for my usual errand running, but as I set myself up as an image consultant, I need to have a memorable image…. this ain’t it.

The point of this is not just to image consult myself, but to show you the process and encourage you to grab up the crayons and give some thought to your own finished work – the working model doesn’t have to look good to give you information.


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