Making an Effort: 1

As Edith Head said, my favorite guinea pig is me!

Today’s Weather:  Chilly in the morning, warming in the afternoon – not cold, but a bit damp.

Today’s Events:  Take child 1 to school, take dog to vet, do chores, sew, blog.

What I started out the morning wearing:

(Corduroy shirt, gauze skirt, tank top, belt + comb in hair for cover)

What I changed to make it better:


(opened shirt, added necklace, earrings, bracer, added petticoat for warmth; put on eyebrows, blush, lip stain)

What’s coming off in a few minutes now that I’m home:  earrings, bracer, possibly cord shirt – I’m going to be on the phone, thus earrings, and I don’t like things on my wrists when I’m using my hands.  Plus dishes and cleaning are on the to-do list, leather doesn’t love water and cleaning products.  I will add the apron that I feel is more attractive with this outfit.

Why did I dress down?

  1. comfort/warmth/lazy
  2. available options + the vet isn’t the place for your good clothes

Did it work?

Yes – this worked for the vet just fine.  I wasn’t sure about the dangly necklace, but it didn’t get in the way.

How long did it take?

I messed about with options, but basically less than 10 minutes to upgrade, including the time it took to draw in the other 1/4 of my eyebrows and slap some color into my face.

Worth it?

Yeah, I guess – still no one is really going to see me, but this is Project Hearthie Upgrade, and everyday is a day that matters.




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