Determining your style: Quick Note

These two pix (thanks to Edelweiss Patterns for pinning/sourcing) illustrate how I went off the tracks when I was starting to look for my personal style.


(photo credit/source:

This look – floral, soft, wide skirt, ultra feminine…. this look captured my imagination.  I identified the style as “50s” and ran with it.

That led me to looks like this one:

Note the *highly* structured form, the twee details, the stiff and perfect edges.  I might love the flowers … but the rest of this is utterly NOT me!

When you’re looking at pictures and trying to identify what draws you to the things you love – ask yourself *why* you like the look you like, don’t just kneejerk.  Contrariwise, ask yourself why you don’t really like things that you “should” like.

Hope this helps you!


8 thoughts on “Determining your style: Quick Note

    1. hearthie Post author

      Because you like it? Really love it? In the example of the pictures in the post, I respond emotionally to the first picture, “I want that” whereas the second picture leaves me “ugh, too stiff!” Might be the reverse for someone else, as they look at the perfection and cleanliness of the bottom picture, finding that very appealing, and the top picture messy and out of focus.


  1. superslaviswife

    I find myself gravitating towards different things at different times. Depending on my mood, I could be in my usual skirts or I could really fancy jeans. I try and keep it all together, but some days I just feel like a different look will better suit my mood. Jon’s even noticed it with underwear. For example, he says “the blue wife is always the nicest” and starts getting more affectionate. :p


      1. hearthie Post author

        There is more than one facet of you (btw this convo is very helpful!) so there will be more than one look that you work. You don’t wear a ballgown to dig your garden. Say someone with a minimalist vibe would wear a dark pair of jeans – or even black twill pants – with a plain buttondown shirt and plain gloves. You might wear (since you’re a touch more romantic/boho) a pair of jeans worn across the thighs with lots of color variation, and a softer shirt with floral gloves. You’re both shoveling mud, but you’re different. Logical?

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      2. superslaviswife

        Absolutely! 🙂 Also, it’s only recently (and thanks to you in great part) that I am beginning to see the benefits of looking good when I’m doing standard chores. Other than feeding the pets in my pjs in the morning, I am starting to dress nicer when I am doing my housework. It just feels better. ^_^


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