Accessory Spotlight: Necklace set

Before I had kids, I had a jewelry making hobby.  And then I had kids and having lots of little beads + little hands … well.  I stopped, for the most part.  I’ll pick it back up someday, I hope – I enjoyed it, and I love the materials.  (I have all my gear, it’s in the closet).  (That’s why I do most things, I fall in love with the materials).

You’ve noticed I have an *issue* with natural stuff – leather, cotton, wool, wood?  Same thing goes for stone.  I love real stones.  Our house is full of bits of rock.  I don’t like plastic, and while I do like glass – you know, crystal vases, stained glass – I don’t particularly like it for jewelry.  I like rocks.  (I have a bracelet that just looks like small river stones … wear that thing all the time too).

This is one of the nicest pieces I ever made for myself.  I didn’t get crazy, and I was careful about the clasps, so it’s lasted all these years (my oldest child is 15, so this is older than that).  I wear it fairly often, it goes with everything and is my version of a pearl necklace.   I wear the necklace and earrings together and separately.




5 thoughts on “Accessory Spotlight: Necklace set

  1. superslaviswife

    That’s so pretty! Most of the jewellery I make is very statement-y or goth, so not really too useful in everyday wear, but I’m so glad I have it when I want to wear a plain dress somewhere nice and think “that little aquarium necklace would really help jazz it up”. 🙂

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