Where to, Hearthie?

Talked to DH last night about what my next steps are, and have been contemplating what needs to be written to finish that book.

Second question answered first – I need to add a few more “toolbox” entries (but not many) and I need to write a lot more essays about “why” and then help the reader make the toolboxes work for them.

To do that, I’m going to utilize some of my own journey as I take my advice and upgrade my wardrobe.  I’m going to talk about what I’m wearing, and what’s going on in my head and what’s tripping me up and keeping me from working towards a more put-together me.

Which brings us to the first question:

What are the next steps?  Well, work on the book, obviously.  But I’m not going to make it as a stylist if I don’t look like one.  End of game, this industry requires self-marketing, and that means I need have the look.   Plus I do like looking nice… (I have some essays in my head about this, I think you’ll find them interesting).


  1.  Get the look.  Write about it while I’m at it.
  2. Research – get back to the mall and start seeing what’s available.  Also get a touchstone on which stores sell which goods, and what the pricepoints look like.
  3. During #2, start making connections with salespeople and be open to making connections with shoppers too.   A big problem for me right now is that I simply do not know enough women who can afford to employ a stylist or who would consider doing so.  This is a word-of-mouth business, I don’t have entry.  (My social circles and my hometown are primarily working-class).
  4. Research – get nose into fashion magazines, pay attention not just to trends but to sources.
  5. Makeup.  Upgrade it, do some research to find out who sells what colors, at what pricepoints.
  6. Stop cheaping out – shop intelligently.  And yes, start shopping a bit for my clothes as well as sewing them.  (I’ll still sew a lot of my own things, because I prefer to – it’s not like I’m suddenly going to grow 6″!)

Some of this I can start now, and some will have to wait until my daughter is in school a bit more.

Hope all are having fun following my craziness ! 😀



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