Outfit Post: Chilly Errands

Weather:  55 degrees, intermittent rain – quite chilly by our standards

Occasion:   Errands (orthodontist, groceries)


  • Cashmere sweater, Talbots – this is about 5 years old.  I have two of these sweaters, and I wear them when weather permits.  Buying a quality cashmere sweater in a color and neckline that suit you (not a cheapie – spend the cash for something with some weight to it) is something that can be a wardrobe staple for a decade or more.
  • Denim skirt, Me.  I wanted you to see this at full length, so you could see how the long, full hem balances my shoulders and gives some illusion of hourglassishness.
  • Lace slip, Me.  You’d be amazed how much warmer my denim skirt is with the addition of a very light-weight cotton slip!!  The denim keeps out the wind, but it holds away from my body.  The cotton wraps around my legs, holding the heat where I need it.  Together, a huge win.  Petticoats – win.  (It doesn’t weigh anything or impede my movement or add
  • Suede moccasins – I love these things, you have to break them in, but once you do, you have gloves for your feet.
  • Brown belt (matches moccasins, gives waist detail)
  • Brown/rainbow wrist belt (matches moccasins/belt, picks up pink in sweater).
  • Pink wild rose earrings (picks up pink in sweater, my favorite earrings)
  • Pink daisy leather hair clip (not visible – but picks up pink in sweater).

I could definitely accessorize this look more – but there was no need to do so to go to the grocery store, and I have found that if you’re too dressy, people start withdrawing from you rather than relaxing around you.   This is warm and comfy.


11 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Chilly Errands

      1. Maeve

        Well you sent me scrambling to Talbots and now that I see they’re about 50% off, I’m kind of thinking of ordering one – not sure what color would be good for me, though. Any thoughts?


      2. hearthie Post author

        CASHMERE AUDREY SWEATER – DONEGAL in Cabernet. They don’t have the sweater I’m modelling (as mentioned, it’s several years old) but this one is pretty and would look nice I think.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Maeve

        I like the color, but I’m concerned about that high crew neckline. It just throws the girls really out there, IYKWIM….. thoughts?

        I also like the vee-neck, but don’t think any of the colors are particularly good for me. 😦


      4. hearthie Post author

        I didn’t see anything else on that site that I liked for you – the colors are all very pale pastels or black. But keep your eyes open – they have stacks of cashmere every year.


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