Sewing: Neutral Skirt

I have to admit, I’m a bit unimpressed by this skirt.  Oh, it will be worn – I need skirts desperately, and it’s a basic, basic skirt – but it didn’t come out how I thought it would.

  1. It’s bigger than I thought it would be.  Yes, I fit tested it before I put on the waistband.  It was fine.  And then I finished all the seams and sewed on the waistband and … wow001. It would take a lot of ripping out to fix this – so I’m not going to do that.  I will make a second skirt with this pattern (other view) so I’ll address that there.
  2. The drape is eh.  This picture is taken over a petticoat – and it’s still striving to hang like a pencil skirt instead of an A-line.  This is due to my lack of hips as well as being a bit big, but again… eh.  I might make it its own petticoat – a simple slip with a ruffle of lace to hold out the hem.
  3. DH really wanted me to leave it below the knee, and I don’t know about that.  I half like it and half don’t.

What I do like:

  1. I like the fabric, and I didn’t think I would until I got it home and washed it up.  In the store, this was ever-so-boring khaki twill.  To find that it’s a slightly blonde twill with a sheen?  NICE.  I might well go back for more – this is a very basic color for me, and it’s hard to find blonde-khaki.  Usually khaki runs brownish or greyish.
  2. Finishing details – I love the topstitching, I love how I put this together.   I did a bang-up job, and I can be proud of it.
  3. Having such a basic skirt.

It was nice to put a skirt together from the envelope, instead of messing with a lot of fitting – and I don’t know that a lot of fitting would have revealed the issues, since I fit with sheets, and the fabric dif might well have concealed what went wrong.  Other than fiddling around with the zipper in the beginning, and the flat-fell seams, this was a very quick sew.

This is a different silhouette for me – being knee length, and again, still working on the lack of waist, which a slightly-too-large skirt doesn’t help with.  So I’m going to be figuring that out.

The pattern itself I can completely recommend… so there is that!  🙂


8 thoughts on “Sewing: Neutral Skirt

      1. magistratrium

        I’d like to get back to seeing. I used to make some of my own clothes but when I went back to work, I didn’t have time anymore. However, once my son graduates, I may be able to make some things again. Thanks.


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