Sewing Notes: Wearing Ease

Just a quick note about reading patterns for the new seamstresses and sempstors in the house.006

Note the crosshairs on the pattern piece – you will find crosshairs *somewhere* in the pattern pieces, and this number indicates the finished size of the garment, at this place on the body.  Generally you find them at the hip, the bust point, and the waist.   This number includes wearing ease.


This is the measurements/pattern sizing.  Please note that this is not the same as ready-to-wear.  You are not a size 10 in patterns and in RTW, the numbers are very different.  Check measurements before buying a pattern!

And this is how you find out how much wearing ease the pattern includes.  The Big Four are notorious for being very generous in wearing ease, especially for the shorter woman – plan accordingly.

(Even I, who does not like much ease in her clothing, requires some wearing ease… you don’t want the finished measurements to match your measurements unless you’re making a corset or bodice for an evening gown).

Just a quick note, so you don’t get off on the wrong foot.  🙂


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