Accessory Spotlight: Fingerless Gloves

Some of you might remember these from the year before last, when I foolishly threw meat sopping with marinade into a wok full of boiling sunflower oil… and ended up with second degree burns on the back of my hand, which wanted covering up for a year so they could heal.

These are my favorite – yes, over the ones I made for myself.  I think they’re cool.  They’re also me to the nth.   My husband thinks they’re super cute, he turns out to have a thing for fingerless gloves.  Two of my best colors.. a fun pattern, they’re soft… what’s not to love?

Of course… it’s rarely cool enough to wear them around here, but hey.

Betsey Johnson, got them at Macy’s.




4 thoughts on “Accessory Spotlight: Fingerless Gloves

  1. Cassie

    I love fingerless gloves! I’m the type that gets cold very very easily, so I own a couple of pairs of these, mainly to wear to work. I’ve never seen any as pretty as the pair you have on though. 🙂 Some of these are long enough to cover most of the arm as well, and may be better known by some people as “arm warmers.” I got teased mercilessly (but affectionately) at work for wearing mine all Summer long… they’re awesome: just pull them on when you’re in the freezing cold air conditioning, then pull them off when you go back outside into the heat! Or they’re great as an extra layer over/under another long sleeved shirt when it’s winter. I can’t say enough good things about them!


    1. hearthie Post author

      I am *not* the type that gets cold easily, so I’m all about the fashion (or that one year, avoiding sun exposure). I’m glad I’m not the only fan. 😀



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