Wide Silk Belt

And now for something completely different. … Vogue 8722

004To get my sew-jo back, I decided to tackle some just plain fun stuff.  I’ve had this pattern in my stash for some time and have wanted to make this belt for years.

As all of you know, I have a serious weakness for silk, so I made this from some silk from the local discount fabric store.   It’s fierce!  I love a good accessory.  There’s a rule about not wearing wide belts if you have a wide waist.  I’m ignoring this rule, I think the structure and the curves make the difference.  Although I wouldn’t make this in a *light* color.

I love it.  I could love it more… but that’s for the sewing details… I will probably make it again, in a very different set of fabrics.

Sewing details:  This went together very easily, except for the straps.  If you use this pattern, ignore the instructions for the straps, and make straps as you normally do.  I’d interface them with a firm interfacing while I was at it – and possibly make them from a firm fabric or ribbon.  (Ribbon would be quite nice).  I’d also make the straps wide enough to not let the D rings slide around.001

Because I was using a thin fabric, even with the interfacing recommended, I used spiral steel boning on the sides, fronts and mid-back.  (I always squish my wide belts or waistlines down, I would probably do this on anything lighter weight than leather).  (The chances of me making this in leather are extremely high).

The only other changes I made to the pattern were to overlap the fronts (that was a fit choice) and to curve the front pieces a bit more enthusiastically.

I will make this again, and other than swearing at the straps, it was easy and quick.


9 thoughts on “Wide Silk Belt

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you! You could totally make this. It’s three pieces outside, three pieces lining, and the straps. If you don’t make with the stupid straps, this is an afternoon project. Do check fit with a muslin.


  1. Booky McBookerson

    I like it. It does look steampunk. I ordered some steampunk buttons for my cardigan – still waiting…wearing cardigan with no buttons, lol.


      1. Booky McBookerson

        Maybe I should get one. I’m hoping it’s just working out the fluff since it’s pretty big fluffy stuff and it’s 100% wool.


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