Pattern Rumaging

I’m trying to get my sew-jo back. ….

I went through the fabric stash.  Weirdly, most of it isn’t for me.  So, not as helpful a rummage as one might hope.

However, rummaging through my pattern stash was more helpful.

I think I have a “next thing” to make – and that’s a VERY GOOD THING.



2 thoughts on “Pattern Rumaging

    1. hearthie Post author

      Yes. 😀 More seriously, um… we’ll see. I want all of these in my wardrobe post haste. I’ve made the dress before – some years back – and it was very flattering even before I had a clue about fitting. I’ve wanted to make that belt (view F – the corset belt) for a good while and likewise for the skirt (the beige in the corner) in a lightweight denim. The IL gave me money for Christmas… who wants to meet me at the fabric store tomorrow? Seriously, I need the joy of sewing back. Playtime!



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