2016 Goals

I’m not calling these resolutions, because… they aren’t.  Usually resolutions are a bit more dramatic.  These are all things I

  1. really want
  2. already have in motion

So, by this time next year, I’d like to have….

– Get a 300lb deadlift; 250lb backsquat; 150lb benchpress (this would make me competitive at my age range for powerlifting)  (I don’t want to compete, I just want to know that I could if I wanted to.)
– Do a solid job on marking my KJV for apologetics use and get some good studying under my belt in that direction
– Organize the house (continuing)
– Get a small business up and running, not just dreaming
– Finish that book I’m writing and get it epub’d.

If you’ve hung out on this site at all, you’ll know about the small business and book – one of the mini goals in that regard is to get my posting here much more regular (that means writing posts and scheduling them out, not just writing off the cuff).  Yes, I’ll eventually have a pro site, but I can’t imagine life without a “real me” blog or two.  (I don’t have issues, honest).

If you’d like to catch up on my apologetics adventures, HHH will hook you up – I’m writing there about it.

House.  I’m a housewife.  Duh.  (Okay, and there’s this whole tiered insanity that started with getting the solar panels.  So, to put in solar they needed to re-do the electricity, because we have an older house.  In order to re-do the electricity, they needed to cut a hole in the wall of our garage.  In order to cut a hole in the wall of our garage, and to give them plenty of room to work, my husband ripped out old shelving, chucked a ton of stuff, and planned a new, and organized garage.  This is awesome – I mean, at one point our garage was hiding helicopter weights.   So, the garage will finally be organized.  Which means the rest of the storage areas can become more organized.  Which means stuff can finally be stored properly instead of haphazardly.  Which means the whole house will magically become organized from the ground up, since the public areas are already decent.  Which will make me happier, because I don’t like mess.  I’m a messy person who doesn’t like mess.  I don’t feel it necessary to make sense).

Lifting:  I *like* lifting.  My body likes lifting.  Lifting burns calories.  It makes me feel strong and good.   I need to lose weight – but even the thought of dieting seriously freaks me out.  I can eat more cleanly (and shortly the season of feasting will be over, which at this point I’m looking forward to) but being hungry all the time messes with me.   I’ve finally found something physical that I enjoy.   I am going to allow myself the pleasure of pursuing that activity.   Providentially, my box just changed the hours around, so there will be open gym on my days off when I can avail myself…

Really, allowing myself more pleasure is something to pursue in 2016.   My husband tells me that I’m stressing myself out too much, trying too hard to achieve what I’ve already achieved.  So, in 2016 I’m going to assume that I’m going the right direction (which seems presumptuous – believing him on this is actually a goal!) and just keep going, working intelligently to get what I want.

Sewing dovetails with this.  I’m grateful that I didn’t get time/mojo to sew myself any skirts this fall.  My figure has changed, not in directions I would have anticipated.  But I’ve decided to only sew things that I really enjoy.  Frankly, I don’t have a corporate lifestyle, and I rock the leather/lace/bangles/flowers thing… I don’t *need* sensible clothing (okay, mostly).  Plus I’ve about killed my poor mojo off with trying to find “sensible wardrobe expanders” instead of “Oh I can’t wait to wear this!”   The world is ready for a fashion adviser that wears FUN clothes, is it not?  Well, it had better get ready.  😀  More petticoats, beautiful camisoles, vests… yes.  Beauty matters to me, and it is a pleasure that I share with those around me.

So – in 2016, more of what worked in 2015, and enjoy it more.  Seems simple enough, yes?



11 thoughts on “2016 Goals

  1. magistratrium

    Sounds great. I’m still putting my goals into words. I agree that goals are better than resolutions. I love how you are feeling free to dress the way you love. I’ve been slowly revamping my wardrobe to match my new pursuits, my personality, and my menopausal body (one goal I really want to implement is to move more every day!). I love your feminine style. It makes me smile. Happy New Year!


    1. hearthie Post author

      Good! That’s actually one of my style-goals, I like making people smile.

      My sew-jo was utterly lost there for a while, sewing anything I don’t love isn’t going to happen until it’s purring like a kitten once again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Elspeth

    Working on my goals list as well, although like you, I can’t really think of anything that isn’t already in progress. I find that the whole January hullabaloo is a recipe for added pressure and failure,LOL.


  3. superslaviswife

    My goals list is here, there and everywhere compared to last year. Need to get my mind on track!
    On appetite: My appetite is CRAZY. I find that low-sugar (even no fruit) from when I get up until after lunch has been digested, high protein every meal and not much salt seems to help curb the hunger.
    And if you need any help with books, proofreading, publishing advice, etc, you have my email. 🙂 It’s basically my job now (unsure when it caught up with my tutoring, but I’m not complaining), so I’d be glad to do some free work for a friend.


  4. Maeve

    I’m working on my goals, too – I’d say I’m up for an all-out plunge into hedonism, but that’s not really it. Rather, I am going to pursue things which give me joy AND, I’m working to change my attitude about things which are necessary for me to accomplish/pursue. I am truly my own worst enemy (seriously, the “guy Downstairs” could take lessons), but I’m also not stupid and am fully capable to embracing real change positively (that’s really the key; have always rather embraced the “kicking-and-screaming” mode of bettering myself. Le Sigh!).

    I’ll post it all Chez Moi when I get the thoughts coherent.

    Happy New Year, Hearth!!!!!!!!!


      1. Maeve

        It is!!!! Actually, I’ve committed to every day activity and I’m keeping a sort of wellness journal thing to try and remain accountable (it so much more horrible when you have to write down that you ate 10 mini cream puffs)

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