2015: Sewing

I’ve realized I haven’t been updating my 2015 sewing records page as I ought.  Bad Hearthie, no cookie.  (Hearthie has had plenty of cookies and doesn’t need more).

The Naughty List:

I tried to make something that “should work” and “is basic” and .. it didn’t 005work and it’s balled up in the back of my sewing space to be ripped out and remade when I’m ready to try another pegged skirt.  AKA not for a while.





Clothes that I just love:

The tiered lace skirt gets me compliments every time I wear it.  I love my soft “corset-cover” blouse.  The coral linen shirt is the bomb… and who can forget the anniversary dirndl?


Clothes that I wore the heck out of:

The buttercream buttondown (usually with my denim dirndl, which got a lot more wear this year), and my purple cotton skirt.  I’ll be making another couple of those next summer – the test of “is it worth it to work with this wonky cotton gauze” came out a resounding yes.  However, do NOT use elderly elastic.  That bit was a fail.


Sewing goals for 2016?  More FUN clothes.  Getting more sewing done for the family.  And making some skirts, darnit!  LOL.


2 thoughts on “2015: Sewing

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thanks! 😀

      My daughter has been on a baking binge …. which is awesome and creative and loving from an 11yo girl. (I do not help at all at this point). But so many cookies. So many cookies.



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