New Challenge: Vest

My dad gave us all pocket watches for Christmas.  *I* already have a perfectly lovely dirndl pattern, which I was planning to make more of… I can easily add a watch pocket.

But the boy!  The boy LOVES his watch… and thus he wants a vest with a watch pocket.  I get to make something cool for the 15yo!  -squee-

(15yo boys are *not* allowed to put their pocketwatches into their pants pockets).

-pleased face-

Oh, this is my “Mozart and Tchaikovsky are my favorite artists” “I think I’ll listen to my music and assemble legos on Christmas afternoon” child.  Vests?  Yeah, I can see him rocking the vest.  Without irony.


..I figured out what the insanity was over Christmas, by the bye… I was just stressed.  Too long, too hard running in work mode.  Midway through an entirely unnecessary Christmas nap, I let some of it go… and I can already feel the creativity and curiosity peeking through the fog.  :D..


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