Proportion Play: Adjusting Reality

If you checked out my post  about Body Image, you know that I’ve been dealing with adjustments to reality insofar as my body image is concerned.

Well, I’m also adjusting to new proportions!  And that means what was working for my figure flattery priorities (aka pretending that I have a waist) had stopped working.

What’s a girl to do?  Try something new, and take photos of it!

Why do you have to try something new?   You won’t know until you try.

Why do you have to take photos?  Because what you look like 3′ in front of the mirror, focusing on whatever it is you focus on, is NOT what you look like 10′ away… or as a total person.  And it can be a very large difference.

So, here’s what I wore to church tonight (giving it a try) (I wore it with a sweater over top, which looked better but wouldn’t help this project).

003Peplum shirt *belted* (the belt is essential if I’m not going to tuck – I have a very long torso) over a full skirt.   Win.  Though I think this peplum in particular is looking a bit sad.

Peplum top, with belt, over a short full skirt.  Also a win – hey, lifting heavy things with your legs at least gives you good legs, if it doesn’t do much for the waistline!  😀  I could hem this up a couple of inches, frankly – the legs look good.

Peplum belted top over slim skirt (yeah, I was trying 005something with the skirt… it didn’t work.  I can salvage this I *think* – but not like this.  Anyway I had it as a different line to work with for this project, so I snagged it.  Not hemmed).

So.  Um.  Close, but not.  Because 1) peplum is too short to cover up my belly and 2) wide shoulders/slim hips – this only accentuates that.   006

And last, buttoned top over slim skirt.  It’s not as bad as the above (aka it’s wearable) but it’s not great.  It looks very much as I’d look if I were to be forced to resort to wearing RTW.  I tried belting this, but that only brought me back to the belly issue.

I’ve noticed that my denim dirndl vest is super flattering (and nice and warm) lately.  It shows off my fitter, tighter torso nicely – as long as I make sure to wear it with a full skirt, so the belly is hidden.

And all of this?  Very helpful.  Because I need to make new skirts (see above s001ad sad attempt) DESPERATELY and I couldn’t think of a thing I wanted to make.  Now I can.    Muahahaha.

Hopefully this helped walk y’all through how to do this.  Obviously when I do it, I know what to look for (especially since I’ve been looking at the same me for a long while) but I did have a couple of surprises.

And now I need to belt shop.  Avast, ye hearties!


ETA dirndl pic, since this is what I’m wearing today.  This is just about the perfect thing to wear to cut a cold wind on a warm day, fwiw.


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