Just a quick pic

Since I said I’d style this for you… I’ll keep you abreast of styling photos as I go, I think.  🙂  I took a pile of photos yday, but they were all lame.  This is the least lame photo, and I know it’s bad.


Yday I wore the buttercream shirt as a simple buttonup, which looked nice.  I didn’t button it up all the way, for movement, but frankly, it would have been better buttoned.  (I have to wear a camisole or tank under it, it’s translucent – so I wasn’t flashing anyone).

Fail was me trying to get it to lie the way the linen shirt lies… it didn’t want to drape to show off the cami, and it looked dumb when I tried.  I’m not used to shirts that are better buttoned, so this is new.  This is a very crisp fabric!

I wore it with a cardigan, which worked.  I’m thinking that it might be really cute with my denim dirndl vest – and it is now cold enough to work!

That was the problem yday… a bit ironic, I got a paper thin shirt made (seersucker – at least this seersucker – is like wearing pattern paper.  It’s crispy, thin, and you might as well not wear anything at all) just as the temperature finally dropped!  C’est la vie – I’ll be wearing it anyhow, just as a layer.  That’s fine, layers are good.

I really need to crank out a couple of camisoles.

FWIW – I hope you see how useful a camera is, and a bit of time to get used to a new garment.  I *thought* this shirt would behave like other shirts, but I see that it doesn’t.  I’ll change up my accessories and go with the whole “Irish dockworker” thing and it will be great.  The camera gave me this info – do you have a digital camera?  Use it!  You don’t have to keep or share the pix.

Another good point is that while I do have three shirts, cut identically, they sure don’t look the same!  They don’t hang the same, they aren’t suited for the same events.  The coral linen is elegant, the corduroy is laid back (I need to change those buttons, it’s a bit too rustic), and this shirt is crisp and a bit masculine.  Same cut.  Different fabrics.  Different results.

Hope this was interesting!


4 thoughts on “Just a quick pic

  1. magistratrium

    I hadn’t thought of using a camera. I often check things out in a mirror (usually at the last minute and then I have to quickly change when something doesn’t work out). I will try that.

    I like the shirt though. It looks pretty and polished.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I have found more things in the camera that want changing than in the mirror. In the mirror, you focus where you want to focus… in the camera, you don’t.

      PS thank you!



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