Someone stop me the next time I say, “I’m going to cut three of these out”

Because I get bored and can’t be bothered to finish up – this has been sitting on my sewing machine, waiting for a hem, for days.  And this isn’t the most complicated garment to hem.


I will style this for you tomorrow.

Commentary on texture:  This is my first time working with seersucker.  Tiny stripes just aren’t flattering on me, but in this case, the stripes are only in texture, not in color, so they’re very subtle.  Of course I kept the stripes vertical.  Subtle things (like the vertical princess seams) are picked up by the eye but not really noticed by the fore-brain – so you end up with a flattering garment and people can’t pinpoint exactly why it’s so good on you.

This go ’round I decided to use french seams instead of flat-felled seams, and it was a good choice. 1) French seams are easier.  2) The seersucker (for me) is a somewhat masculine fabric, and flat-felled seams are a masculine touch – I don’t need both.

Seersucker turned out to be a crisp, light fabric that was easy to deal with.  Recommended!  I am looking forward to getting a good bit of wear out of this shirt – light colored, long-sleeved shirts in thin fabrics are practically required for a semi-arid, sunny locale like SoCal.

Sorry for running out on y’all.  Seriously.  Stop me the next time I think sewing up three of anything is a good plan.  First one good, second one okay, by the third I’m bored and just want to be on to the next thing and have no motivation.


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