Changes and Design

The crossfit has changed my body type a bit… so I have to change how I dress.  My legs look much better than they did, but my waist/hip definition (which wasn’t exactly impressive to begin with) is disappearing fast.  (This isn’t weird, when I was a teen I could pull a skirt off without unzipping it, so long as it was a size too big).  Unfortunately I still have a belly, so I don’t want to show off what folks usually show off when they’re showing off narrow hips – a flat stomach.  It’s slowly deflating, but “slowly” is the operative word.

Here’s what I look like now…


And I want some short skirts (um, knee length) because 1) they’re useful and 2) it’s supposed to rain this winter.  Short wide skirts don’t work as well for me proportionally, but I don’t like wet hems, and I’ll be wading.  So.  I was thinking that some slim skirts would be good – and I know that those are very basic and cute.  But all the slim skirts are cut for wider hips (proportions again), so I sketched my own.  Got the general idea off the internet, ran with it.


I’ll throw this up in muslin first, see how it works out.  I’m going to peg the skirt *tightly* to the knee, but then it will be unbuttoned to a few inches above.  I’m hoping that will create the illusion of a curve between knee and hip, which is what I want.  Also visual interest with the buttons at the very best part of my leg, that’s a good thing.

The front has seams where I’d put darts on a pencil skirt, I can put the darts into the seams.  And I have some ideas about structure that should keep the front very flat (again, using the seams, and pockets) so that the front doesn’t cup under my belly (or, why I don’t just buy a miniskirt that “fits”).

If it works, should work with more than one fabric, and I’ll make a few.

Will keep y’all apprised, but thought you might enjoy the thought process behind solving figure flattery issues.  You could use the same thought processes to get a good idea of *exactly* what you were and weren’t looking for while shopping, which saves scads of time.


3 thoughts on “Changes and Design

  1. magistratrium

    It is interesting to see your process. I can’t wear short wide skirts either even though I have a more defined waist. Either it’s longish and sweeping or a short pencil skirt for my figure. I tend toward the long in the summer when I’m going without stockings and short pencil in winter when I can bear to wear tights again. It’s taken me ages to figure out what looks best with my figure.



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