Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel?

… not quite.

007I will probably tuck *this* version of the shirt in very rarely, as corduroy functions as a jacket hereabouts.  So here’s a couple of pictures, with some notes on style/fit.

This first picture, with shirt unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up – that’s how this shirt will be worn 90% of the time.  Might button a few buttons sometimes when it’s chilly.  002

I *could* button it all the way up… but if I do, I’d better tuck it (or belt it – see last post with the shirt belted) because if I don’t, my torso eats my entire body.  Don’t believe me?

(PS note that even open, over a contrasting colored top/bottom, the shirt isn’t nearly as lengthening/slimming as it is over a same colored top/bottom.  Also, it reads as much more casual.  The brown buttons also casual things up, brown is a casual color for me).
005 I wanted to show you how the shirt fits – I don’t have it buttoned in this pic, but you can see how nicely it’s skimming over my back and curves – very slimming, skimming.  Skim = slim!

I’m not totally satisfied with the way the sleeve head fits, but that’s another bit of wiggling to do with the pattern.  Maybe next time ’round.  It looks good ‘nough for a shirt I’ll “rough it” in.  (This is camping-wear for me).

And then this last pic is the Hearthie in her native habitat… 😀  This is how I usually sit to read.  I’m short!  I don’t find the “normal” positions of sitting comfortable at all.  Especially nice with a heavy book, because you can use the couch as a bookrest.  006

And, okay – if you snuck in my house this winter, you’d probably see this shirt in action just like this!


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