Another way to wear the shirt & Notes on proportion

Are you sick of my shirt yet?  🙂  I wore it on Sunday to visit a friend in the hospital.  I wanted to try wearing it over as well as tucked in – here’s how that worked out:


This look works because the under dress is all one color* – I tried it with a contrasting shirt/skirt, and it wasn’t a good thing (I can wear that, but tucked).  It works because the shirt is fitted slightly – it has princess seams, and they skim my figure.  It works because I belted it.

If it were a baggy shirt, I’d have too much volume – volume up top is something I need to manage, because I am short, with wide shoulders and a largish bust.  Because of the largish bust, I need to belt this sort of look, or my shirt will drop straight from my bustline down, aka instant pregnancy.

Because I hemmed this shirt long – not belted, it’s mid-thigh – I can wear this same look over a slim dress (which I don’t own) or a slim skirt (which may now be on the ‘to-acquire/make’ list) or even pants.  As my stomach flattens, and is less likely to push my belt up, I can get wider, more interesting belts to work with this.

Accessories and the under-dress/shoes are what will determine the mood of this look.  If I wore the same shirt with this belt (and when my stomach flattens, I will get a belt like this, I love this look) and my knee-boots, I’d have a much feistier look going on.  Heels and a miniskirt and a chain belt?  Something quite dressy.

That’s why basics.  You really can dress them up, down, and sideways.  This shirt isn’t *quite* basic because it’s such a vivid shade – you’ll remember it.  But were this a neutral, I could get away with wearing it twice a week or more without people noticing, if I worked my accessory game correctly.

(PS Speaking of neutral items in the wardrobe, that’s my Little White Dress, minus the floofy petticoat).

*a print would work too, I just mean it’s all one overall shade


6 thoughts on “Another way to wear the shirt & Notes on proportion

  1. Feminine But Not Feminist

    Oh, I like it even better this way than tucked in under the skirt! 😀

    That’s very clever, using it that way!



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