Shirt, properly styled


Complete with cheesy grin.  😀

Note the fit on this bad boy – everything is where it’s supposed to be, no messing about.  And that reduces weight more than *anything* else.  Fit is EVERYTHING.

Occasion:  Church

Accessories:  Wide leather belt, narrow rainbow leather bracelet/wrap, gold cross on chain, ivory earrings.


3 thoughts on “Shirt, properly styled

  1. Feminine But Not Feminist

    Very nice choice, pairing the coral with white – I like the color combination. I never would’ve thought to put the darker color on top (for some reason the idea of doing that seems like the equivalent of putting a heavy box on top of a feather-light box, like it’s upside down), but it looks very good on you. Props. 🙂


    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you!

      Ivory is one of my neutrals, so I’ll use it any-old-where. Darker colors recede, lighter colors bring forward. So, if you’re heavy on top, you can wear a darker color on top and use it to balance you.

      I think this shirt “wins” enough to get cut out twice more… this week…. 😀



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