Quick Project Result Post: Coral Shirt

I promise to wear this shirt sometime next week and style it properly… but I finished the shirt last night.

It fits *beautifully* and I’m quite pleased.  I went with a very long length, so if I choose to wear a slim dress, I can wear it as a topper (buttondowns in my wardrobe do more duty as toppers than as shirts).  Mid-thigh is a good proportional line for me.

I will be using the other two pieces of fabric and sewing them up in the same manner – this is still not my holy grail of the perfect shirt, but it *is* the perfect buttondown.

Changes I’ll make:  A better sleeve placket, and 1/2″ more room in the center back.  I might insert the sleeve on the flat, just to see how it goes.  I won’t topstitch the button placket, that never works like I want it to.

Things learned:  Don’t clip curved seams (standard practice) if you’ll be making them flat-felled.  The places where I did this, I have an odd little bump in my seam, whereas even the bust seams curved along nicely when I flat-felled them.  (Flat-felled is the seam you see on men’s shirts).  Also, coral buttons are very hard to find.

I flat-felled all the seams except the arm seams, which I clipped and used my faux-serger stitch to finish.  (Flat-felling a round seam?  I’ve done it.  Not fun).

Here’s my night-lit selfie… as I said, better pic next week!



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