It got hot again, sorry for radio silence

I don’t sew when it’s hot… ’cause I sew in a covered patio.  So, my shirt is sitting on Betsy, minus the sleeves and collar.  Looks great so far though!  🙂

In the meantime, fabricmart had a major shirting/cottons sale.  And I make sh005irts, and I sew with cotton.  So, therefore I have a big box of new fabric!

First up, here are the lengths that I got for DH, for shirts.  Most are cotton, the large, dark plaid is cotton/linen (and fresh out of the dryer, it is soft as anything).

Here’s a length of cotton voile for my daughter:006

Here’s a length of medium weight cotton shirting for my son – oh, it’s yummy.  I’ll buy more med/heavy weight shirts in the future, this has a great hand.007

Here are two shirtings for me, they’ll go to the same pattern I’ve been working on with the coral, should it be suitable.  These were allegedly ivory, but I think this is more buttercream.  Not a 009problem, buttercream is also my color.   One is seersucker and the other is pinwale corduroy.   These look so similar, you can hardly tell that there are two different fabrics in this picture – but I assure you, it’s true!

And the last is a silk/cotton voile – I had hoped it would make a nice shirt, but it’s not quite my color (it’s light champagne rather than ivory)    010, and is very sheer.  I think it’s likely to find its use as lining or as lingerie – it is lovely and soft.  And I keep making sheer clothes, so lingerie (camisoles, slips) is something I need!

I hope to be sewing tomorrow, I’ve done all my chores and errands… and it’s supposed to not be *terribly* hot, so … here’s hoping!


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