Next up…

Next I’ll be making a shaped button-down shirt with a mandarin collar and princess seams in light-weight coral linen.

Here’s the linen….


I will first be doing a rather fussy job of pattern adjusting, this *should* be a basic pattern for me if I can get it right.  I bought this pattern for a second time (I get them on sale, it was $2) because I butchered the first version, but it *would* have been good if I’d known what I was doing with adjusting the bust on a princess seamed garment.  Overfitting, yeah.

McCalls 6124

Basic buttondown shirts, with whatever style adjustments are appropriate to your figure, are a staple in virtually any wardrobe.  You can use them as layering pieces, you can wear them on their own, and I use them as sun protection.  A mandarin (collarless) collar is good for the short, full neck that I own – no volume to increase.  (It’s a safe collar for most necks/faces).

I’d love to be able to have a “go-to” shirt pattern so I that when I find wonderful shirting, I can have a wonderful shirt.  (It takes me a lot longer to manipulate and evaluate a pattern than it does to sew up a garment, with few exceptions).   An audition is the only way to find out if this pattern will fit that bill.


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