Outfit Post: Grocery Store + Casual Hairstyle

This is one of my go-to casual outfits.  I change the accessories around a little.

Venue:  Grocery store

Weather:  Sunny and warm


Choices:  T-shirt (JCP), gauze skirt (me), leather belt (etsy) + bracelet (fair), watch (Target), earrings (gift)

The shirt is embroidered, which means I didn’t need a necklace for interest at the neckline.  The earrings are a metallic blue/purple, that brings the purple of my skirt up above the shirt, while the turquoise bracelet brings the shade of my shirt below my skirt.  The watch didn’t really work with the bracelet in photos, I’ll remember that next time.  I did want to keep an eye on the time today, however… I could have just worn them on separate wrists.

Color choices are (for me) muted and casual and comfortable – it’s a casual, comfortable sort of day.

Speaking of casual, I started my day by cleaning the fridge out properly, so I wanted my hair out of my face.  Today’s cover is a double comb with beads, and I braided my hair down my back again.  Pix.  (No makeup to008day, which is most days, I don’t like it.  I know this will have to change for clients, I’ll let you know when I find some I don’t mind wearing).  I think this looks casual but put-together, which is my goal for the day.

One of the reasons I often wear combs instead of scarves or headbands as covers is because my hair is fine and slippery.  Did you guys enjoy the vlog where you watched the band slide down my head?  That happens constantly, unless I deploy hairpins.  Lots of hairpins.  Combs don’t get as creative with repositioning themselves as do 009cloth items, so I wear combs and clips often.

Two slightly random notes: 1) You can see the culprit muscles that changed the fit of my dress the other day quite nicely in the first hair photo.  I used to have a fat blob there… no more.  2) I’d like to encourage anyone who is looking for a particular item, or likes things with a handmade look, to check etsy out.  I’ve gotten quite a few things and been pleased with most of them.  (You have to look closely, obviously).  Prices vary – but I can often find what I’m looking for at less than mall prices.  This belt is my latest find – got it a few months back, I think.  Solid leather, vintage belt.  In perfect condition, exactly my color.  $20 I think I spent… Anyway.

If you like out of the way things, for heavens’ sake look in out of the way places.  I bought my pretty turquoise bracelet at the county fair – we always have a gem and mineral display area, and they have the coolest jewelry!   The mall is the worst place to find the kind of accessories that make me smile.

Happy Saturday, folks – hopefully your next blog will be a pic of the dress I need to go attack … I’m  half way through and figured out what about the collar.  Thanks, Lord!


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Grocery Store + Casual Hairstyle

  1. Susan Ashworth

    I don’t like wearing makeup, either, and I hate to hear a pretty young woman talk like she needs it!

    Something to think about – I’m okay with makeup that adds to rather than subtracts from. I see women who are obviously freckled all over, but on their face, they’re all blurred out. I don’t get it. I like the real thing.

    For me, the day came when I realized my eyebrows were disappearing. My hair is lighter than yours, and I’m older than you are. So now I put stuff on them. I don’t like it, but I like it more than no eyebrows. You lose your expression when your eyebrows disappear.

    For quite a few years, I’ve worn a barely tinted, sheer lip gloss. I now wear a more tinted, sheer lip gloss. I feel like I was beige-ing out. If that appeals to you at all, I love Cover Girl jumbo gloss balm. It’s about $6 at Target.

    If you feel that you must have dark stuff on your eyes – I don’t – you can get your eyelashes tinted and it lasts a pretty long time. I REALLY don’t like crumbly mascara.

    So – it appears I had a sermon in me on this! Please don’t feel like you’re not fine as you are. Because you are.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I wear eyebrow filler if I wear anything beyond lip gloss myself! What I object to is foundation, and my skin looks so much better if I wear some. :p

      Thank you 🙂


      1. Maeve

        Heh – as you well know, I loooooooooove makeup and will wear it even if I’m dying with pneumonia. I might not comb my hair, but i’ll have that face plastered on in a New York minute. 🙂


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