Horseshoes and Handgrenades Dress

I’m going to refer to this dress as my “horseshoes and handgrenades dress” – because close isn’t close enough when you’re working with a plaid.


Fortunately, she loves it (soft, squishy, warm flannel) so much that she’s not planning to take it off today… I might have to insist, once it gets time to do yard work.  -lol-

Because it is such thick fabric, I chose to do very minimal seam finishings – I folded over, pinked, and sewed double seams on the hems, otherwise I just pinked.  It’s not ravelly fabric, and it *is* so thick that it would have an ugly line.  I chose to fold the neckline under the collar and understitch and tack the collar down so it won’t show – again, avoiding a thick line.  The collar isn’t included with the pattern, but it’s very easy to make a peter-pan collar, let me know if you want an instruction on that.  I used a scrap of the turquoise corduroy.

The fit I’m proud of – you can see it skims her figure nicely and isn’t pulling anywhere!  I’ll be making her more of these little dresses, in other (more durable, and less plaid-like) fabrics.   For my girl, this is a basic silhouette.

(The skirt looks long, but is about 1-2″ above her knee, this height gives her room to move without worrying about modesty, which is still very important with 11yo). (Also she grew 4.5″ last year, longer skirts = win).


2 thoughts on “Horseshoes and Handgrenades Dress

  1. Susan Ashworth

    It’s just lovely. It’s funny how a dress can photograph longer than it is, isn’t it? It’s the perspective.



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