Outfit Post: Meetings and Errands


What do I have in my closet?

Things to do today:

  • Meet with son’s teacher (monthly meeting to turn in work samples)
  • Get meds for dog (errand #1)
  • Take dog to groomer (errand #2)
  • Get various supplies from Target (errand #3)
  • Chores, sewing


  • About 75 degrees, much cooler than it has been, sunny as always

First decision:

  • Skirt vs. dress – I went with a skirt, because I didn’t want to be that formal or dressy.  All

    Heavy denim skirt

    my errands are very casual, and I didn’t want to over-dress for the teacher meeting.   (Dressing better/more formally than the person with whom you are meeting is a status thing).

Second decision:

  • Neckline  – I am going to be sitting across from a male other than my husband, which always lowers the neckline from where you think it is when you’re standing up.  Thus, three shirts automatically disqualify themselves.
  • Colors – Do I want to be bright as a peacock, or be a bit more relaxed?  More relaxed – I’m not the star of this show, that’s my son.

Third decision:

  • Dress it up, dress it down?  None of these things are terribly formal, dress it down – but in a tidy way.  I want to communicate “I have it together” and my usual level of femininity (high).  I chose a narrow brown belt, my lovely Mexican purse, ivory earrings, and a brown comb for a cover.   That brings the tone down/brings it an organic/nurturing vibe, which is echoed in the soft print of my blouse.  I’m going to bring it back up a tad with a bright bracelet and my red & gold cross. I’ll wear my hair in a braid down the center of my back, that’s a relatively soft, put-together yet

    Final outfit

    casual look.  You can see that the brown is the third most prominent color in my outfit.

Fourth decision:

  • Shoes.  Well, this isn’t really a decision right now – I slammed my ankle in the door between the garage and the kitchen on Saturday, it’s still a bit bruised, so I’m sticking with my *very very casual* flip flops.  Not ideal for this outfit or for walking around while I shop, but better than pain.  (Not pictured).

Total effect:  Red + blue jeans = reliable and all-American.  Soft print + print on purse + brown = earthy/maternal/relaxed.  Bright, fun jewelry = alive/fun/awake

Just back from all those errands… I felt completely put together and appropriate, which is a win!  Now I’m going to take the pretty blouse off and put on a tank top, which will be weather appropriate as it warms up today, and task-appropriate, as I get some chores and whatnot done.


8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Meetings and Errands

  1. Maeve

    I love this too – BUT, I would love it even more if there was a pic of you wearing it. For people like myself who quite literally have to SEE the items on in order to SEE (understand/register) what you’re getting at, the post, as is, is only giving me a part. IOW, I can’t see how/why something works until I see it on and working – so maybe an accompanying video would be great – because I’m sure you also have info as to why a particular cut or color or accessory works and what would be an equally good substitution, as well as what would turn this from fab to “don’t leave the house looking like this”.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I’m feeling self-conscious about ME in the clothes, more so than the clothes.

      That said, I’m willing to do full-out outfits on occasion, and when I snap one where I have a “that worked in the mirror, but not on camera” I’ll be happy to dissect. (That happens regrettably often).

      I can definitely do a few proportion shoots … those are easy, when things are off with me, they’re REALLY off and thus, really visible.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maeve

        Maybe you need a model – seriously. Perhaps you know someone with a good wardrobe who would be happy to be featured in a couple posts – taking items from her closet and showing versions of “OK”, “Great”, “Slight-miss” “Don’t leave the house” – you get my drift.

        With your assistance, I’ve worked to pare down my closet and get only to clothes which fit. But I still struggle with putting them together into a complete outfit – I want to accessorize – I want to wear scarves – I want to do lots of things. I add them and think “you look so stupid…you’re all boobs…where’s your neck….etc..” – you see what I mean? I have clothes. I even have (mostly) colors which are good for me (entirely your doing, not mine). But I still struggle. Let me give you an example. This past spring I splurged and bough six or so great skorts at Kohls in a variety of fabrics(prints, etc) and colors – they fit great – the length is perfect and I wear them constantly. They’re all cotton, so can wear them in all but the chilliest weather – and Chucktown doesn’t get all that chilly until November. So – here I was – nice pretty chamois skort – had a great rose-colored T-shirt and desperately wanted to wear this really pretty scarf – all great colors for me. Can I make this outfit work? No, I can’t and I don’t know why. I can’t get the shoes right. I can’t get the scarf right. I can’t figure out what element(s) are not working. Individually all these pieces are good on me. Or at least I keep thinking they’re good for me. Maybe the jewelry is wrong. or is it the handbag? Do I have too many accessories? Are they not balanced? You see – I can’t tell what’s not working so I end up feeling supremely self conscious BECAUSE I know something is off and I can’t fix it. Very very frustrating and makes me not want to leave the house.


      2. hearthie Post author

        You should email me a pic and I’ll fix it. 🙂

        I rarely wear my large scarf collection for the same reason – wide shoulders, fat/short neck, heavy bust. I really don’t need any more “weight” above the waist. But there are a few ways to drape things that work, I got mad compliments last winter for a silk scarf tied loosely at about bust height over my outfit.

        I wish I had a friend with a good closet! BFF doesn’t care about clothes, intensely so. Mom is anti-internet. 11yo won’t even stand up straight to take a photo when I make her a dress…

        Which brings us ’round to “I need to market myself” once again. I’ll keep this in mind when I have a victim, though.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Maeve

        Ok I guess I should put my money where my mouth is. I’ll try and recreate the outfit and email to you and we can go from there. Maybe I can be your dummy, eR

        Liked by 1 person

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