Make hay while the sun shines


It’s not hideously hot today, so I took care of the ironing and then hit the sewing pile…

I wasn’t feeling it – b001ut sometimes you just have to push through. I’m glad that I did, both because I made a piece that I needed and because now I do feel like getting some real sewing done.

I needed a slip to wear with knee (or slightly above) length skirts/dresses – especially the dress I just made, which is quite sheer.   I have a petticoat that’s an appropriate length, but it’s super fluffy, and I don’t *always* want volume.

Quick to sew – I traced off the skirt of the nightgown I just made for my pattern.   French seams on the sides, quick hem top and bottom, then beading lace (instead of elastic) on the top and regular lace on the bottom.  Pink ribbon through the beading lace.  Took me an hour?

I will wear the bow at the small of my back, so it doesn’t show.   The extra fluff from the gathers I’ll put over my hips, I do like a bit extra volume there.


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