Just tawkin’

  1.  I wore the new dress today…. more out of pure stubbornness than anything else.  I *need* dayclothes, not more church/date clothes, so I wore it.  I looked cute.  That said… it took stubbornness because ripping out and redoing the whole thing left me fairly unsatisfied with the make.  I’m not sure *why* – objectively it’s the same dress, and it works.  Subjectively?  -sigh
  2. Today’s been a tired day.  I often feel, after crossfit and breakfast, like someone unplugs me.   Generally speaking, I go take a nap.  Today was particularly gnarly, and I didn’t have time for a real nap.   I made it worse – had a meeting with my mentee at Starbucks, was naughty and had a frap  and then got buzzed for a while, then had a sugar-hangover (complete with random mood swings) this afternoon.  It’s not quite seven… can I go to bed now?
  3. My washing machine is being cranky, which means I will need the repair dude.  -sigh-
  4. It was supposed to rain cats today, but hasn’t.  :p  It is, however, pleasantly not-hot.  If I only had a brain…
  5. There was a big coupon sale at Joanne’s today, and I needed some time to come off my sugar-hangover, so I wandered through.  Nothing jumped out at me, so I used the coupon blitz to get a point turner/clapper.  (Translation for non-sewers:  I bought a spiffy tool to make my ironing/production of collars much more professional).  This isn’t the worst use of those endless coupons – getting gear you know you’ll want.
  6. I have enough fabric honestly, I was just hoping for something new and exciting.  See: tired and grumpy.
  7. I guess I’d better throw that damp laundry through the dryer before it starts to smell.  :p

4 thoughts on “Just tawkin’

  1. superslaviswife

    I have the same thing with anything I make or modify. I call it “handmade anxiety”.

    1: What if last year’s jam hadn’t actually sealed properly and I’m feeding people an invisible bacteria?
    2: I’m not sure this bag can take the weight I’m going to carry, best use the store-bought one.
    3: Does this actually look OK? I’m not sure I want to wear it.
    4: The repairs on these shoes might leak.

    Literally any excuse to not use those handmade goodies, my brain will latch onto. I’ve never poisoned anyone with jam, that bag is robust, my customized clothes look great and my repaired shoes are watertight. But the lack of confidence still shows up.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I often feel a little discouraged right after I finish something, and then grow to love the item. In this case – I had to rip it all apart, and didn’t have time/space/energy to sew it back up as perfectly as I had in the first place. I am growing to value the finishing details more and more, and when I don’t nail them, I get grumpy.

      That said, I got compliments while wearing it yday, so yay. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. superslaviswife

        And for good reason you got compliments! It looks great on you.

        I think with creative things, it goes one way or the other. Either it’s our favourite thing ever… until we make something better. Or we’re really not sure… until we try it out properly.

        Liked by 1 person

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