Dress done

It’s not perfect – it’s cupping a bit – but that’s okay.  I love it!  Have to set the hem and do some inside seam finishing, but I will be wearing heck out of this dress.  Love the color, love the lace, love the way it makes my eyes pop.


I stood to the side a bit so that you could see the sleeve detail.  I made a tulip sleeve, which is a very easy sleeve modification to do.  It’s flattering for those of us who have a bit more on top, because of the subtle curve upward.  I’ll explain mostly how if anyone wants to know, as I said, it’s pretty cake.

I’m actually pretty pleased that I had to put that distance back into the pattern – it’s one of the more annoying pattern changes to make, because it messes with the armscye as drafted, and that can mess with sleeve fit, and … yeah.  I’m just as happy to not deal with that going forward.  I tried to take pix for you, I don’t think you can see the extra muscle.  Well, of course you’re not meant to when I’m dressed properly.  (I don’t think it’s sexy or anything, but hey – more muscle = more fat burning, and I can use all of that I can get.  Also being stronger makes pretty much my whole life better).

Still on the lookout for my perfect dress… but one more thing to fill the wardrobe!


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