I’m taking a page from SSW and giving a go to a vlog.   Not entirely thrilled, but first time out of the gate (though not the first take – lol).



9 thoughts on “Vlog

    1. hearthie Post author

      I’m finding that the hardest thing is the videoing. Slap on enough makeup to kill a horse, find a place with privacy and a neutral background and not-terrible lighting… and go. (I’m not sure that my bedroom qualifies as “not terrible lighting” but there you are).

      *Thank you* for the encouragement. My goal is to have my “brand” (ugh) off the ground and running by the end of the school year, so that when my daughter hits middle school next fall, I can start taking physical clients. That means I need to do some writing – a lot of writing! And it means I have a few folks who are waiting to be sample clients who need to be attended to. There are pricing decisions to be made (SSW was very helpful with kicking me in the tail about that) and… well. A lot to do. If I want to move from housewife to small business woman, I have to swallow hard and take this seriously.


  1. Jenny

    I loved watching that! It feels like I’m getting to know a new side of you.

    For others: She is good, trust me, I’ve benefitted quite a bit from her wisdom.


  2. allamagoosa

    I love that you two ladies have started doing vlogs. It’s nice to hear your voices and see your faces. Very comforting and encouraging somehow. Confirms that you are both real people I guess.


  3. superslaviswife

    That was great! 😀

    As a follow-up: I think some people stick to baggy clothes, blacks and whites and no jewellery or makeup because they want to be inconspicuous. I know I did it for a while. I thought I was really blending into the background in an oversized black jumper, baggy jeans, messy hair and no makeup! It took me forever to realize that I was sticking out like a sore thumb… and by that point I was more comfortable with standing out anyway.
    But, if someone does want to be less conspicuous, a bit quieter and tamer, how could they go about it? Because burying yourself in black and white clothes doesn’t work!

    Also, if you want to clip the start and end off the video where you’re adjusting the cam, or add a little title page and some intro music, just ask and I’ll show you how to on Windows Movie Maker. ^_^



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