Weekend Update

Or, why I didn’t spend this weekend ripping out stitches and redoing the bodice… plenty of time for that this week, it’s going to get hot again.

Sat/Sun – hung out, did some yardwork with the family.  Saturday did church as well, and found a new place to get after-church dessert.  Italian ice (and frozen custard) is the *bomb*.  We are working on finishing the patio, and have removed the defunct veggie planter boxes (I didn’t use them this year because of the watering restrictions, and we’re going to pipe our laundry greywater system around eventually, but eventually isn’t yet) as a start to some pre-El Nino erosion control.

Monday – declared a day of rest… which worked out.  I had a lot of laundry to fold and a new book to read… and then I got all stressed out when BFF’s DH texted me to let me know she was having to have a blood transfusion.  (My BFF has cancer, is doing chemo.  Her counts were low).  Cleaned the kitchen.  Took a nap.  Made dinner.  Spent the evening doing some homework for an ongoing debate I’m having with a JW lady.  Several typed pages – I’ll publish on HHH after I have the chat.

Random:  I have fallen madly in love with porridge.  Steel cut oats for breakfast… NOM.

The kids are settling into their new school routines, more or less.  It’s very different from last year or the year before that – and next year will be different again.  I learn new dance steps all the time!  :p

Coming down from the busy and crazy now… I guess I’ll go back to the reading project I’ve been working on (I decided to tackle history for once in my life, and go big or go home is the rallying cry).



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