The Next Thing

Well, we have our first week of school under our belts… and it’s a billion degrees…. so unsurprisingly, I haven’t done a ton of sewing this week.  But I wanted to!  I did get out this morning and worked up a muslin for 11yo’s pencil skirt…. which is ready to cut when I’m ready to match patterns (aka not in the heat – Hearthies don’t do heat).


If I get out there reasonably early, I should be able to have a new skirt for my girl tomorrow or Monday or so.  🙂  Pencil skirts don’t take any time to sew up.

(I am running the fabric with horizontal “stripes” because that’s the direction of stretch – it’s a stretch denim, but only stretches in one direction, which is along those horizontals.  I’d rather do vertical, but the stretch factor is more important.)


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