Constantly Weeding

I’ve been putting off the closet purge, because frankly I don’t have enough clothing to replace the things that needed to go.

But I was sitting here, stewing in my own random angst, and I decided to take that energy to my closet – it’s too hot out in my sewing room to sew right now.

“Keep only what you love”  “Store things where they’re easy to put away”  Okiemckdokey then……

006 008

Excepting what’s in the dryer and/or ironing pile (minimal),and my underwear/socks, that’s everything I own.

And now you know why I say, “must sew” every second blog post.  :p

ETA:  Okay, I have a few things in the coat closet.  You didn’t think I got rid of my wool coat did you?  Or my beautiful red wool jacket?  Or the dirndl?  No, they’re all still here.  They’re special things though, not in my every day stuff.


2 thoughts on “Constantly Weeding

  1. superslaviswife

    It is hard to clean out things we don’t use every day. I hold onto a lot of coats and dresses but had to part with a few summer dresses and evening dresses because I realized that the cut or colour didn’t quite suit me, that I was too fat or thin for them (seasonal purchases are always awkward ones) or that I just wasn’t ever wearing them. It’s hard to part with them, but I know that whoever buys them at the charity shop will probably wear them a lot more than I do.


    1. hearthie Post author

      I tend to get rid of *too many* of my outseason clothing items…. insofar as we have outseason clothing here. For instance, I got rid of all my light-weight jackets in this purge. I didn’t love any of them – just one more thing to sew, I guess.

      Two skirts that didn’t fit that I’d been holding on to for years hit the charity shop bin, I needed to let go of them. They’re beautiful skirts, hopefully someone will enjoy them who isn’t me.

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