Evolving Style

I write about style, and finding your style… but that doesn’t mean that style is entirely static.  Style is what you say about yourself, it’s a way of revealing yourself to the world around you.

This week has seen some evolution in my personal headspace.  I actually began doing some of the intense clearing out from the Japanese tidying book that’s taking the world by storm… well, it does so deservedly.  ONE session of tossing led to a week of cleaning and rearranging… and led to some personal reflections as well.  It’s like getting rid of the stuff gave me permission to get rid of some masks as well, and stand a bit on my own two feet.  (I’ve been praying about this).

Among the projects this week was completing the paint job on the patio ceiling.  When I went out, two days later, to fold up the tarp, I found that it still had some wet paint, the hard way.  My aqua skirt with the white flowers bit the dust.  Was I sad?  No, not really.  I had wanted to get rid of that skirt (must keep sewing) because… um… because.

So I sat and thought about that.  Why?  There was nothing wrong with the skirt, and it still fit.  Why had it fallen from grace?

And I realized – it was because I’m evolving and stepping up.  As I do that, so does my clothing.  It’s not that I don’t find my floral quilting cotton skirts soft and pretty – but that a tiered quilting cotton skirt, especially in light greenish aqua, says something about the person wearing it.  For me, that’s my soft and approachable color – I wear it when I want to seem unthreatening.  And it’s very casual, speaks very loudly of the home.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that, and it perfectly suited the woman I was – last year.  But this year, I’m feeling more assertive.  I’m being a bit more real about what I want, and less shy about going after it.

Style evolves.  You do have a general style – a focus that talks about who you are, in the core of you, but that style changes over time, and refocusing is something to pay attention to.

So – as you feel attracted to clothing, books, things in your life … and as you’re ready to let other bits of things go … ask yourself why.  And give yourself permission to show the world who you are, right *now*.  That’s what style is all about.


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